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I grew up in Yorkshire and more or less lived in a veterinary practice.  How wonderful and very privileged.  I love animals!  Think all “creatures great and small”

As a young child I had a real passion at school for geography and physics (our planet, solar system and the intimate workings of the universe), often acing the exams with 100% pass marks.  Loved it!

I was so passionate about the understanding the universe, particularly time travel (I loved Star Trek and Quantum Leap pretending I was Sam Beckett whilst munching Revels sweets) as a young man that studied theoretical physics at Newcastle and Cambridge University (Part III Mathematics)   They say to study the latter that a pre-requisite for entry is to be able to ride a bike backwards performing differential equations or something like that.  I was extremely lucky to have Professor Stephen Hawking as my supervisor for my thesis on how black, worm hole theorem and parallel universes could translate to time travel.  What a wonderful concept!

My professional life has centred on strategic and management consultancy (Gemini, E&Y, KPMG and Deloitte)

My love for theoretical physics (the intimate workings of the universe) and worldwide travel I performed as a management consultant (plus all those vacations) has translated as a real passion for travel.

I love the fact that you can be on a flight for 1 hour and then be immersed into a completed different surroundings and cultures.  How blessed is the human race to live in this day and age.  Carpe Diem!

My dream is to spend 6 months in the UK and spend the other 6 months based out of Italy (focused on Travel & supporting my wife’s recipe development)

I hope you love my blog, which hopefully translates to some very useful facts, figures and a summary of the best places to visit for busy, time constrained (unfortunately a fact of life nowadays) vacationers.

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Meet the Team


My wife is called Victoria.  Victoria has been passionate about recipe development since childhood.  I continuously ask her to go on Master Chef to demonstrate to the nation her wonderful recipes (One day I will achieve my mission)

We adore travelling and trying out international cuisines and I am learning a lot about cuisine as my early career as a management consultant translated into me eating lots of microwave meals (how times have changed)

Victoria’s recipe website

Follow my wife’s wonderful blog http://www.BestRecipesUK.com


Our puppy (Hugo Boss) is a gorgeous golden retriever, and he has a wonderful intrepid explorer demeanour.   We are looking into obtaining his passport so he can join worldwide exploration as superintendent and a watchful eye as my wife and I are quite mischievous and like to perform practical jokes on our travels.

Hugo’s social media account

Follow our beautiful golden retriever at Instagram @BestDogsLifeUK


Carpe Diem!